2017 Stewards

When no one is looking Chris likes to pretend he’s a hobbit.  He loves feeling little yet connected to the landscape in a big way.  Climbing is a cleansing activity for him because of it’s propensity to eliminate perpetual distractions to living. He recently realized that top-rope on-sighting, or tronsighting, is his favorite style of climbing.  The Direct Route on Washington Column and Black Rider on Marioulumne Dome are high on his tick-list. He spends as much time as he can in our National Parks.  His hope is that collectively we can preserve our open spaces for all to enjoy.  He enjoys any conversation about the magic of the natural world and works to inspire visitors to be good stewards of the land.  He promotes the idea that every action is political and that public engagement can be fulfilling without being overwhelming.  John Muir, MLK Jr, and Terry Tempest Williams are heroines of his.

Danielle Shefet is a full time climber and van dweller that spends her winters in Joshua Tree being a belay slave and her summers wandering around the Sierra waiting for the desert to cool down. Though she can often be found in her Sprinter, if you ask her about it, she’ll tell you that she also lived in her Prius for 3 years, which is way more rugged and proud than living in a van. While everyone else is getting alpine starts on their climbs, Danielle enjoys making endless rounds of coffee in the morning and then running up the classics after everyone has finished. If she’s not making coffee or climbing something fun, she is probably out hiking and attempting to identify all the varieties of Lupine in the park. At the end of the day you mostly likely can find her at her campsite writing parody songs about rock climbing and dogs, she is open to lyrical suggestions and new ideas on songs. She is pretty new to the Yosemite scene, so she will be using her time as a Climber Steward to learn the confusing technique of stuffing your body inside a crack and attempting to climb, also known as off-width. Considering her favorite style of climbing is hard slabs she is very open to suggestions on how to climb OW.

Mimi is also known as Mimulus, which is the genus of the monkey flower. She is an experienced naturalist and an aspiring dirtbag. She enjoys the feeling of connection to nature that she gets while climbing. She is easily distracted by birds, butterflies, and flowers–but not while belaying, of course. During the school year she teaches preschoolers about scat, tracks, slugs, and bugs in the Pacific Northwest. She is inspired by her students’ enthusiasm for the natural world, which she hopes to share with the Yosemite climbing community. If you are looking for a climbing partner who will have a crock pot of hot stew waiting for you after a long day, then you will have to go find her at the campsite with the river running through, because she never has cell phone reception.

If you asked Shelton last year, he would have told you that he identifies first and foremost as a rock climber. These days, he’ll tell you that he is a human who loves to rock climb, thinking of it as his favorite way to interact with grand and beautiful landscapes. Fortunately for Shelton, these landscapes exist in abundance within Yosemite National Park. Feeling small and humbled among the Valley’s enormous walls, Shelton is incredibly blessed to be living in Yosemite and volunteering as a Climber Steward. Having opportunities to share his passions with both climbing and non-climbing visitors helps Shelton continue to expand his own appreciation for all the wondrous things that happen in the park, both on and off the rocks. Shelton’s mom has on occasion described him as a renaissance man. This amuses him.